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Owtanet are specialists in web operations to help your organisation deliver the best possible web experience. We bring significant technical experience to help transform stale and outdated IT operations.


  • Mission critical hosting facilities that include site uptime monitorying. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 days of the year

  • Full specification data-centre environment offering

  • Customer dedicated virtual server

  • Resilient connectivity within the date centre and back to telecoms peers

  • UPS and generator protected power

  • Full-time on-site security

  • Off-site backups

  • Custom configured firewall and regular patching against security vulnerabilities

  • Dedicated non-virtualised hardware

  • Enhanced monitoring

  • Multi-site redundancy

  • Physically and electronically secure

A graphic of a laptop

Support Services

We can help by:

  • Adopting DevOps practices

  • Automating infrastructure

  • Agile & Lean IT operations

  • Growing existing Open Source

Adopting DevOps Practices

DevOps aims to help improve the working relationships between development and operations teams. Encouraging collaboration and increasing visibility of the challenges facing both sides helps teams work together better and build solutions that work in practice.

Automatic Infrastructure

By adopting configuration management, virtualisation, sophisticated monitoring and smart testing we can make the deployment of new infrastructure automatic. This improves consistency and compliance with build policies and frees up operations teams to focus on new challenges rather than spending all their time putting out fires.

Lean IT Operations

Everybody talks about agile today, but agile means a lot of stuff and its difficult to properly deploy. We believe in Lean IT, focusing on what adds value and avoiding the waste. We aim to align IT to the business, increasing productivity and speeding up delivery.

Growing existing Open Source stack

We've helped our clients grow from small-scale to enterprise-ready IT without having to give up the toolsets they started with. Through our partnerships with Zend, Percona, Oracle, Canonical, Continuent etc, we have been able to build a stack that has grown from prototype to handling hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of e-commerce per month. Our strategy helps you know where you are, where you need to be and how you can get there no matter how fast you are growing.

Additional Information

  • Hardware can either be provided by Owtanet, or host hardware provided by the customer

  • Hosting of server hardware provided either by the customer or Owtanet

  • Connection of the server hardware to the internet

  • Management of software on any relevant server

  • Hosted E-Mail service

  • Provision of suitable offsite cold standyby server and software for disaster recovery

  • Web hosting to include:

    • Managing production and development hardware and operating systems

    • Database administration

    • Monitoring

    • SSL certification

    • Provision of DNS services for the customer’s state of domain

Clients using our systems